Hospital Visitation (29 July 2012)

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It is a common tendency for the human race to blame God for sickness and to believe that He does not care nor understand when we hurt. This is one of the reasons why sharing the Gospel with the sick is so vital and why AMEN went to minister at the Tygerberg Hospital.


Hospital VisitationThere is no textbook method to hospital ministry, but there is one goal – to proclaim the Gospel. What we commonly do is to ask permission from the patients to share the Word and pray for them and maybe sing a few hymns. But it’s more than just that.

As health professionals in training, we see that there is a great need for hospital ministry. The hospital is often a place of fear and confusion for the sick – they worry about their households and lives being on hold while they are sick and often feel lonely. Health professionals often lack the compassion and genuine love of Jesus that enabled the sick to not only experience physical healing, but a complete cleansing of the soul.

So the conclusion of the matter is that as young people partaking in hospital ministry we want to walk as Jesus walked and to reveal the true heart of God. God is LOVE. And through ministering we are blessed – we who are encouraging the sick become encouraged! Psalm 146:3, 5 says,

He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. Great is our Lord, and mighty in power: His understanding is INFINITE. 


We all need to be reminded of these verses, not just the sick.

By Vera Fordjour and Sibongile Gumede

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