A Special Thank You

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Special Appeal

I never imagined that I would be writing a letter like this so soon after such a significant plea!

This brief message is to say thank you…

We want to thank the Lord for his bountiful grace, Who has provided for us in our hour of need. We have learnt in the last few hours that God indeed provides in ways that we cannot imagine. Thank you Father.

We also want to thank each and every one of you, those who have supported this ministry and responded to this plea, for allowing the Lord to use you through your generous support in prayer and also financially over the past day.

What exactly are we thankful for?

On Wednesday evening we released a brief appeal highlighting a challenge we faced.  We needed to settle a final payment for last year’s conference and in order to do so we required an additional R35, 000.00 by Friday morning.  We had been trying for the past several weeks raise these funds, but we were unable to.  So we met, and decided to release the appeal and commit the doing of this to the Lord.

Before 24 hours had passed, we had commitments to cover all of the funds through many donations, and a final commitment to cover any shortfall we may have today (Friday).  This morning we woke up to find that our bank balance had already exceeded what we needed, without the final top-up!  Ostensibly, yesterday, donations small and large were made to AMEN, and when we checked this morning, these had settled and were in total well in excess of what we needed.

We are overwhelmed.

I want to also thank the AMEN team, who I am so privileged to be a part of. Thank you for your faithfulness in work, prayer and support of the mission, and especially over the past few days.

May you continue to be a blessing to the work at large, not just to AMEN, and may the Lord bless every endeavour you attempt for His glory.

To our supporters, thank you for your ongoing support.  We have re-committed ourselves to the cause and we ask for your continued support as we work together this year.  It’s time to take a step up and take this message to Cape Town and to the world.

Let’s work together while it is yet day… Glory, Glory is on the Way!

God bless you all.



On behalf of the AMEN Team

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