AMEN Ministers at a Camp Meeting in Hartenbos

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On the weekend of the 17th of October, the AMEN team was granted the privilege of ministering to the Mossel Bay Oudtshoorn District at Hartenbos. We were invited by Pastor Brian Hartnick to present messages under the theme “It’s Time: Jesus is Coming.” What a blessed experience.


There are five things that I would like to highlight from this weekend. Firstly, that God’s Word is dependable; we can rely on it. We are seeing things taking place in our world today that confirm the reliability of God’s Word. All these things that we see taking place, He has told us of before they have come to pass. And now that we see them, our belief is even greater.

Secondly, I realised how important it is to minister to others. Often we forget that there are people both in the world and in the church who do not know what we know, who would like to know what we know, and who would like us to minister to them from the Word. Sure, we do not know everything. And there are ministers out there who are far more qualified to deliver messages of the second coming. But that which we have, we must give. And as we water, we ourselves are watered.

Third, I cherished the precious moments that I got to spend with my dear brothers and sisters, my co-labourers in AMEN. It is of vital importance to your walk and mine that we spend time with those who will strengthen us in the faith; with those who will sharpen us like steel on steel. This is one of the reasons AMEN has regular socials. As we spend time with each other, as we assemble together, it is opportunity to exhort one another as we see the day approaching.

Fourth, we witnessed a blessed baptismal service conducted by Pastor Murray where 32 people sealed their commitment to the faith by going through the watery grave. Pastor Murray preached a powerful sermon urging us to uphold Christian standards, and inviting us to “come back to the old paths.”

Fifth and lastly, AMEN has come quite a distance at a ministry. From a couple of guys wanting to see a Bible-based youth ministry in Cape Town to a band of preachers, teachers and evangelists supporting the local conference and the church, equipping young and old with the skills and knowledge to reach a world oblivious of the Advent message. We thank God. Here we raise our Ebenezer, hither by God’s help we’ve come.

Onwards and Upwards,
Shanley Lutchman

Ps Brain Hartnick

Justin Hendricks

Congregation Members

Ps Brain Hartnick

Leon Hendricks

Palesa & Sibongs

Worship Team

Beloved at the event

AMEN Team with Ps Lupondwana



Brother at the Camp Meeting

Ps Lupondwana

Singing group

Kurt Campher

Grant Appel

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