Wars and Rumours of Wars

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War and rumours of war

The other night I was having a chat with my husband and I asked him what he thinks will be the event that brings about the closing scenes of this earth’s history in South Africa specifically.


Would it be the uprisings caused by the rebirth or uncovering of racism, which we thought was dead and buried? Perhaps it would be the surge of xenophobic attacks which keep stirring up now and then. Would these then cause the ecumenical movement to be stronger here and the call for peace, love, and oneness inevitably lead to earth’s final events? Well, we don’t know, but we keep wondering.

One of the signs given in Matthew 24 of Jesus’ coming is that there would be wars and rumours of wars (verse 6 ). I’m certain that every country around the world is experiencing the angst found in this verse. The experiences may not be the same nor may they be to the same degree, but they surely exist. With so much anger over atrocities committed or wrongs done to people, and uncertainty about things you thought you had control over, who wouldn’t be up in arms? It seems our world is in turmoil, not just seemingly, but in fact. If we think what we’ve seen so far is terrible, we need to brace ourselves because troublesome times are coming. We are told in Daniel 12:1 that we are going to experience trouble that has never been experienced before since this world existed.

And yet in all this we are not to be despondent or left utterly in dismay because as sad and heart-wrenching as these events may be, when we see them happen we are to look up and lift up our heads because we know our redemption draws nigh (Luke 21:28). Although all seems at a loss yet we have this hope that burns within our hearts, hope in the coming of the Lord, as the song goes.

God is faithful. He is true to His word. No matter what happens inside of you, as doubts arise and you question God, stand. No matter what goes on around you and you wonder where God is through it all, stand. Though the heavens may fall, stand. But in all your standing make sure you stand, not on your own, but firm on the Rock, Christ Jesus.

The signs all tell us that Jesus is coming and He’s coming soon. Be ready. Now Is The Time, and there is no other.

Khona Mudondo
On behalf of the AMEN team

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