Shaken but not Forsaken

Well, as all good stories start, this one starts at the beginning.


It took many months to plan this wonderful weekend. Meetings, luncheons, Whatsapp conversations, and “spending money we don’t have” (Grant Appel), all eventually came together to produce this “High Sabbath” (Jenny Lovemore).

To paraphrase our main speaker, Dr Eric Walsh, we “brought him all the way from the US, to teach us how we may be shaken but not forsaken by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

It was uplifting for me to hear of his trials and how God has lead in his life, even when he wasn’t doing exactly what God wanted from him. God lead him and used him even at his weakest. What hope his testimony gave to us all. He also taught us what to do with doubt, and anyone can do it.

We had other great speakers: Richard and Jenny Lovemore, Pastor Justin Strauss, and Pastor Andrew Gouws, all of whom gave powerful messages that spoke to each individual.

What a personal touch it was to have the Lovemores speaking on character, Pastor Strauss speaking on the Holy Spirit and Pastor Gouws doing the evangelism session.

It wouldn’t have been a High Sabbath without the personal touch of God. As the weekend progressed it was evident how all the messages were interwoven in a way only God could coordinate. Not only were the speakers in sync, but the team organising the event were “running like a well-oiled machine” (Renier Horn). Each member did what needed to be done, and worked together diligently and naturally. To top it all off, we had a spirit-filled baptism of 13 people to end the Sabbath.

Since this was my first time participating in an AMEN event, I had no clue all the work that went into it. As the day started the plane made its quick ascent, and then it was maintenance and traffic control from there on out. If it weren’t for the diligent deacons and there brilliant directions, Camp meeting might not have been the same.

Over the weekend we were reminded that “The greatest deception is living an incorrect experience” (Ps Strauss). Ease is not the experience to strive for, but rather the experience that shows God is working in our lives.

“Christians don’t tell lies, they just go to church and sing them.” (Ps Strauss). This quote summed up the weekend for me and really hit home. Let’s not fake our relationship with God; let’s be honest and share our fears and doubts with Him. “For some of us there is enough dust on our Bible to write out condemnation” (Ps Strauss). Lets go on our knees and work out our salvation with fear and trembling – Philippians 2:12. “The Spirit and revival delays because prayer decays” (Ps Strauss).

In the words of Pastor Strauss, “I’m wrapping it up, I’m landing the plane”. The weekend left us all spiritually filled. We sang our theme hymn for the last time, ‘Stand like the brave’, and Dr Walsh spoke about Paul’s message to Titus taken from Titus 1:5. He left with us the message to “set in order the things that are wanting” in our Christian walks.

Not only has this weekend left me with a plan of action, but it left me excited for next time.

Stephanie Harebottle

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