How Do Churches Multiply Disciple Makers?

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Is your church life in need of spiritual CPR? Do you want to multiply disciple makers? Are you looking for a Bible training programme that equips you to increase your effectiveness in personal witness, training others, implementing a cycle of evangelism in any ministry yout be involved in?

Then you need to sign up for the AFCOE AMEN School of Evangelism this coming January and February 2016. This course, with professional instruction from the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism, will give you the skills you need to be a better soul-winner, in counselling, witnessing, evangelism, Bible studies, preaching, outreach for health and church training.



Called to do a better work: Kelly’s testimony


“AFCOE equipped me for ministry more than I could have imagined. Not only did the classes provide me the opportunity to review our church’s unique Bible truths, which I had been learning and teaching for the past 20 years, it also taught me more effective ways of witnessing, Bible study, teaching, preaching, and evangelism. I know for a fact that I would not be acquainted with such effective methods of personal and public evangelism had I not attended AFCOE. It also sparked a revival in my spiritual life, as my instructors focused heavily on having a connection with Christ more than anything else.” Kelly


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Be blessed and be a blessing,
The AMEN Team

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